Nearly every Bible study on the internet has been plagued by those who choose to promote favorite doctrines and traditions rather than allow the group to learn from the Word with the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Such interruptions disturb the flow of the studies and in some cases cause mayhem. For that reason, Rules of Decorum (RDs) are necessary to assure a peaceful, conflict free and productive atmosphere for our studies.

Admin will resolve unwelcome situations according to the following RDs.

Members are required to read RDs prior to commenting in formal editing conversations and before voting in editing polls.

1. Comments and discussion related to the text currently in edit are restricted to posts developed by admin and may include:

  • Study discussion and deliberations
  • Copy/paste from other Bible versions and approved reference works
  • Original language word studies

2. All words from languages other than English must be followed by the English translation (in parentheses).

3. Quotations from Scripture must be accompanied by Book, Chapter and Verse.

4. Comments are not allowed anywhere on the site that contain:

  • Links to websites that are not a part of the CSM, or FSB platform
  • Strings of verses put together in an attempt to establish and promote a doctrine in place of allowing normal study discussion and flow
  • Excerpts of commentaries of all types, contemporary or remote, including the talmud
  • Books not a part of the accepted cannon, unless listed under Approved Resources
  • Ministry reports
  • Funding requests

5. Proselytizing of any type is banned

6. No type of spam will be tolerated and will be cause for expulsion and blocking. All determinations are at the discretion of Admin and without recourse.

PRIVATE MESSAGING: Our community is designed to provide members all of the necessary tools to communicate in a protected social atmosphere. One of the features we’ve opted to include is private messaging.

Complaints related to abuse of private messaging must be accompanied by a screen shot of the offending message in a Private Message to Admin.

Messages found to be abusive in nature and/or inappropriate will result in the expulsion and blocking of the offending member. All determinations are at the discretion of Admin and without recourse.

CONSEQUENCES: There is neither time, or resources to spend on folks who chose not to familiarize themselves with current DRs, or worse, chose to become a member without a commitment to follow them. There are also those who will forget from time to time.

For that reason, consequences for not following DRs are designed to be forgiving for those of good will and to quickly muffle those who would bring chaos.

First offense -Deletion of comment and reminder to offending member.

Second offense -Deletion of comment and loss of commenting privileges for 30 days.

Third offense -Deletion of comment and blocking.

Admin reserves the right to waive, or skip levels of detention and/or to immediately block a member if deemed necessary in it’s sole discretion.

Situations not covered by these Rules will be handled as necessary by Admin, followed by an update to this page. When any substantive change is made, notice will be posted on the timeline. Last updated 1/21/2020